Weekly Wrap-up: Phew!

Weekly Wrap-Up

What a crazy yet uneventful week! I have never felt so busy yet gotten so little done – or at least felt like I got so little done! Physically I have hit that point where enough is enough, and I will be calling my doctor tomorrow to talk about resolving this issue. I finally have made the decision I’ve been needing to make, so now I have to talk to him with determination – or request a different doctor who will listen to my concerns.

I did share a lot about our 4th of July Houston vacation so be sure to check it out in my Texas posts! I will be sharing more in detail our trips to Houston Space Center, Kemah Boarwalk, and the Downtown Aquarium throughout this week! We had such a great time! I will also share the photo album I created for our trip as well once I finally complete the finishing touches!


We finally received my husband’s disability rating, and it was all wrong. Wow could I go on and on about all the things they have put us through, but I will save that for another day. This is the final step, though, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. He will be appealing the decision, which they said should go in his favor because I’m not saying it’s wrong just because *I* think it’s wrong. It’s actually just wrong meaning they failed to rate the specific medical conditions correctly. Unfortunately, because of the furlough his appointment isn’t for another week and a half. So, just more waiting. The “ready to move at any time now” mentality got old a couple of months ago. I’m truly ready for this nightmare to be over. (Yes, I said nightmare. I WILL share the full story one day – maybe broken up into pieces). Seriously.

OK. Let’s wrap it up!

Highlights in our Life

  • As mentioned above, we’re one step closer to finally being done, which means we’re also one step closer to moving and getting settled!
  • We had a clogged sink that Joey did everything he could to fix before calling maintenance. They came in and fixed it with just a plunger. LOL
  • It has been unbearably hot, but we did a few things outside this week. Phew!
  • That’s about it because like I mentioned, I feel like I’ve been super busy, but really there hasn’t been much going on!

Homeschool Highlights

  • Our youngest was definitely more involved this week and just keeps moving forward with us now, so I do believe his disagreeable attitude a couple weeks ago was mostly because he was still recovering from his surgery.
  • We tried our Circle Time outside once, and I’m pretty sure we won’t do it again – at least not during the summer!
  • We had a somewhat light load this week, though, because I was really feeling terrible and needed extra rest. It was one of those weeks I was grateful for classes on the computer and the iPads!

Shop Highlights

  • I added a fully functioning Etsy Shop to my Facebook Page! It’s not the same as my previous tab that showed my Etsy shop but you still had to click away. This new shop you can actually shop right there from that tab. It’s pretty awesome!

Blog Highlights

  • I posted the majority of the reviews from our Houston trip as I mentioned minus the bonus activities which I will be posting this week as well as a wrap up post highlighting our trip!
  • Per the post every day rules I am still trucking along on the Ultimate Blog Challenge.
  • I’m not sure if this totally fits in “Blog Highlights,” but I was blessed with a ticket for a private session with the literary agent at The Declare Conference. The sessions happened to open up when we discovered our finances won’t allow for any “wiggle room” right now, so I thought I was going to miss my chance. What a blessing! I am SO excited! I am still looking for sponsors for the upcoming conferences, so if you are a business owner or know of a business that would like to partner with me please view my Sponsorship Opportunities for more details!
  • I did start sending letters to potential sponsors this week!
  • I have started making notes to put a plan in place for better organization on my blog as far as the menus, what you will see on the home page, categories, etc. so my content is easy to find. I do have a search feature, which is nice, but I would still like a clean cut way to present my content.

Goals This Week

  • Implement the plan for better organization on my blog as described above.
  • Read over the book material I want to present during my session and choose (and clean up) the chapters I would like to present.
  • Do some major cleaning and set the date for our Veggie Tales Summer movie party this coming weekend.
  • Send more sponsor letters
  • Schedule the doctor appointment I mentioned
  • Make a decision regarding the kids’ therapy. When the schedule changed to 2 hours twice a week it got overwhelming. With Joey’s Medical retirement wrapping up he is getting caught up in more appointments and sharing one vehicle and still making these appointments is becoming really stressful. We had to cancel both last week. So, we would like to come up with a realistic solution.

OK, it’s your turn! Tell me about your week!

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  1. Looks like you had a very nice vacation. Cherish each moment.

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