Weekly Wrap-Up: I Don’t Want to Post

Weekly Wrap-Up

Did you just read that correctly? The writer who can’t keep her weekly wrap-up under 1000 words doesn’t want to post? It’s just been one of “those” weeks. Things are busy and stressful (including my editorial calendar), and sometimes it’s just not as enjoyable. I even typed out a fairly long post about how a Sponsor chose not to pay me after I bent over backwards to post for them by a timeframe that wasn’t convenient for me, but I even deleted that because I didn’t want to share something so negative.

The truth is, though, it isn’t easy. In fact, sometimes it’s really hard. I have to balance housework, family, homeschooling, blogging, doctor appointments, and my health problems on top of it. It’s worth it, though. I have to remind myself of that sometimes! Even during weeks that I feel overwhelmed or *gasp!* unappreciated, I know it’s worth it. I know that someone out there needs to read something I share. Sometimes I need to type it all out, and I may even need to delete it after doing so, but it’s what I needed to do! So, I continue with peace knowing it may not be easy, but it’s a blessing and my calling. For all the moments that are hard there will be one amazingly blessed moment that will remind me it’s worth it.

I am getting more and more excited for The Declare Conference because I know it will be a refreshing blessing that is just what I need!

Look! We had family visiting from out of town and went to the Topsey Exotic Ranch again. We actually had a Bison come up to our SUV! Usually they just do their own thing, so that was really exciting!


Highlights in Our Life

  • Our oldest son got another infection in his mouth and has to have another tooth pulled because of it. :/ They said some are more prone to this than others, and they can’t explain why.
  • My husband has his meeting with the legal department tomorrow concerning the appeal for his ratings. After that, the rest of the Medical Retirement process might fly by. The next thing we know, it might be time to move – finally!
  • Our sister in-law and niece came to visit for the weekend, so we went to the Exotic Ranch as I mentioned. Then today I was so sick I stayed in bed all day, so I didn’t get to do much else with them before they went back home. 🙁
  • Our niece taught our daughter how to hula hoop, and she is so happy she can do it now! 🙂
  • My husband’s credit score is now SO close to what is required for a VA loan for a home, so we are praying it gets there so we can actually buy a home when we move and will REALLY be settled instead of renting then moving again when we can buy.
  • The kids are no longer going to therapy. It was a hard decision, but we had to keep canceling since we share one car and my husband has to go to all these different appointments and classes as they wrap up this process. Once that is over it will be time for us to move, so we knew it was for the best. They are a very busy office, and I know there are other children that could be using their services when we are unable to be there, which was becoming more frequent.

Homeschool Highlights

  • We have moved on to the next unit in TouchMath, and the kids are doing great and trucking right along. I think they will be ready for 2nd Grade materials before *I* am ready to move them up a grade! haha Of course, I will move them up when they are ready, NOT when I am ready!
  • Getting our preschooler more involved is really going well. He hangs in there for quite a while before he is ready to move on to other things. I am happy with the progress!
  • We will be moving on to a new phonics program we will be reviewing. I am really excited about it!

Blog Highlights

  • I announced that I will be posting a new series: Grammar 101. This week I have been sharing my post and collecting ideas on topics others would like me to cover in this series. I will start rolling out the posts this week! I will continue to take suggestions as well, so please feel free to send me your suggestions!
  • I started the first of my “extra” posts from our Houston trip, which was our trip to Space Center Houston! I will share the other two *hopefully* this week!
  • I’m continuing my notes for how I want to better organize my blog so everything is easy to find. Giveaways hosted by other blogs and blogger opps will no longer be found on my homepage. I made this decision because Pea of Sweetness isn’t a “giveaway blog.” I didn’t want my content to get missed. Giveaways that are my own usually include my review, so they will still be found on my homepage as well. Of course, both the Current Giveaways and Blogger Opps are still easy to find if you simply go to my menu and view the drop down menu for “Reviews and Giveaways.” I want to make sure ALL content will be easy to find in this way. You will notice I moved up my search bar to the top of my side bar so it is easier to find as well.

Goals This Week

  • Implement the strategies I choose for my blog organization.
  • Complete my Photobucket Album for my Houston Trip as well as the other Houston posts.
  • Continue Reading over the book material I want to present during my session with the Literary agent at The Declare Conference and choose (and clean up) the chapters I would like to present.
  • Send more sponsor letters.
  • Fix the kids’ chore charts
  • Review my editorial calendar. I obviously do this regularly, but I need to rearrange a few things.
  • Set up better overall organization.

There you have it! I didn’t want to post, and I still couldn’t keep it under 1000 words! How was your week? What are your goals this week?

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  1. I don’t know where you find time for all this! I am barely holding it together at times with much less on my plate.

  2. Krista Bainbridge

    You are so amazing! You do more than you think and are fabulous! I can’t wait to see how all your goals turn out – I am rooting for you!

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