Weekly Wrap-Up: Trick or Treat

Weekly Wrap-Up

Once again, it was a busy week – maybe even busier than last week because there were two nights of fun activities this week! Between that and fighting with the effects of the weather (you know – cold/sinus type issues), I haven’t been on here much! It was a week full of blessings, though!

We went to Hallelujah Night at the church we have started attending, and we had so much fun! We got there early to help grill, but they ended up not needing extra help, so we started our Trick or Treat. It was originally going to be Trunk or Treat, but they were moved inside to decorated tables due to the weather. The kids got to go through mazes, and we got to enjoy some great food. By then it was getting more crowded, so we decided to skip the pumpkin patch.

Trick or Treat

We were nervous about costumes because we hadn’t been able to get (or make) any, but we had already found the Spider-Man costume when we were unpacking and Aurora wore one of her princess dresses, which definitely works for a costume! Phew! Problem averted! Our preschooler once again said no to wearing a costume, which just saved us the effort I guess. He doesn’t even like stickers or temporary tattoos or anything on him. His sensory tolerance is pretty low, but it’s not a big deal if he doesn’t wear one – usually.

The next night we went Trick or Treating in my mother in-law’s neighborhood. Before we left her street we met a family with girls in between our kids’ ages, and we walked with them that night! It was great! Our little guy fell before we even made it a few houses and wanted to be carried most of the time anyway. I think one person made a comment about the fact that he didn’t have a costume, but oh well. I guess I could explain he has Sensory Processing Disorder, but when there are a bunch of things going on like that I doubt they’d notice what I said.

Trick or Treat

We had a great time, and we were happy to meet new friends! Plus, once we were done Trick or Treating I sat inside with Chaz while he ate his trick or treat candy cane (I thought that was hilarious for some reason! Lol) and talked about his “boo boo” while the older two helped Grandma and Grandpa pass out candy. They liked that!

Candy cane

OK, let’s wrap it up!

Highlights in Our Life:

  • There is still more unpacking to do, but we just keep moving forward! We FINALLY found the box of kitchen items that I knew we must have been missing!
  • Every time it stormed we “lost” something. The first storm it was our electricity, which was out for quite a while! The 2nd storm we lost internet for a bit, and during the 3rd storm something happened to the main water line, so we didn’t have water for a while. I’m not sure how long exactly because we left for Hallelujah Night shortly after it happened, and thankfully it was restored when we came home! I usually love storms, but now I’m nervous! LOL
  • One of our fears was that some things (particularly pay related) may not get processed correctly since my husband was out processing from the Army during the furloughs. Unfortunately, that is the case. We could use prayers right now as we weather this storm. Please pray for my husband as he continues his search for a civilian job as well.

Homeschool Highlights:

  • There isn’t really anything new this week. It was just a “normal week” of doing what we’ve been doing for the past few weeks. Of course, the hands-on science that we’re doing always offers something new and different each week, but I otherwise don’t have anything else to share. How boring, I know!

Blog Highlights:

  • I’m still busy! Lol Plus, those 4-7 new Blogger Opps I mentioned? Well, I still need to add them! So, they will be coming this week!
  • I have started my Holiday Gift Guide, and I’m sure you can guess it is still not ready to share yet! It’s close, though! REALLY close! I hope to unveil it in the next couple of days! If you’re a business owner, it’s not too late to be included! I’m taking submissions through December 1st. Contact me for information: emilee.roberts@peaofsweetness.com

Goals This Week:

  • Unpack, unpack, unpack. Still.
  • Plan snacks and decorations for our LEGO Duplo Party and housewarming party!
  • Make my 2013 Holiday Gift Guide ready for its reveal!
  • Implement my website’s new Ad Space direcetory.
  • Double check my address updates list to see if I missed anything.
  • Get my blood work done that I was supposed to go in and have done already! Oops!
  • Start planning my weekly housework routine and our kids’ chores list. Now that a lot of unpacking is done I think it’s a good time to do this!
  • Write the new bills’ information in this month’s finance section of my On the Go Planner.

Did you go Trick or Treating this year or attend a church event? Did you wear costumes?


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  1. You are very busy. Your kids looked really nice in their costumes. Look like everyone had a nice Halloween. Now it is on to Christmas, and I am interested in seeing what your Holiday Gift Guide has in it. I find this time of the year exciting. I really like Thanksgiving!

  2. OMGosh how cute are they. I sure do miss those days.

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