Weekly Wrap-Up: Ups and Downs


Weekly Wrap-Up

This past week has been rather emotional for lack of better words. There have been some exciting things, and some extremely worrisome things. I just look at everything that is going on right now, and I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry, but this week I’ve done a fair share of both.

We started our new homeschool year this past week, and it was rather rocky. I’m not surprised because the first week always seems to be a bit rough. Plus with the stress of things this week as well it definitely didn’t help. So this week was basically getting the kids “ready to go” again and reviewing what we wrapped up with in November. I think this week will be pretty similar (a lot of review), but the following week we’ll start to move on to the 2nd Grade material.

I’m trying hard not to be worried, but we really got some bad news yesterday. You probably know from reading my other Weekly Wrap-ups that my husband’s disability pay from the Army never kicked in due to an error on their part, so we haven’t had a pay check since December 1st. We have received some help, and most have been willing to work with us since they know my husband is a Disabled Vet and there will be pay (and back pay) coming soon.

We thought our rental company was, too. We did what they suggested we do, but the letter we received yesterday leads us to believe they changed their minds. I admit, I’ve tried to stay peaceful through all of this and tried to remember it’s all in God’s hands, but that letter really has me nervous. We’ll definitely be busy tomorrow trying to come up with some type of solution, though we’re pretty sure we’ve exhausted all of our resources. Please pray for our family. Please pray above all else we don’t lose our focus on Him.

Praise God in hard times

OK, let’s wrap it up!

Highlights in Our Life:

  • My husband had to go to the ER a couple nights ago. The nerve problems in his neck and head started acting up so badly the pain was unbearable. They had to give him more than the “usual” medication and recommends he see the neurologist ASAP and possibly get another nerve block. It was awful, but I’m glad they were able to give him something that helps!
  • I’ve been helping out with our church’s website and started a new “job” of sorts as well helping with content management on a website. Both have been an answer to prayer! I have always wanted to get more involved with the church, but with 3 special needs children the “in-person” activities can be challenging, so I am grateful I can use the talents with which God has blessed me to help with the website! Plus, of course, any work I can do from home is a huge blessing as well!
  • My husband got his “retired” military ID, but I still have to wait for mine because I need a new driver’s license first. Thanks to a special blessing, someone reached out to pay for my driver’s license since I wasn’t able to get it due to our situation, so I will be getting it this week!

Homeschool Highlights:

  • Well, we kicked off our new homeschool year, but it was pretty rocky as I mentioned. This week we mostly reviewed the basics to fully prepare the kids to move up to the next grade level by next week.
  • Our older 2 children are continuing with Reading Kingdom on the computer, and we plan to continue that throughout these first few months.
  • They are also still working with Alpha-Phonics, and they have been progressing tremendously! This is also something we plan to continue to completion.
  • They were reviewing Math this week with Splash Math. They’re reviewing some of the “higher end” 1st Grade materials to prepare for the beginning of the 2nd Grade materials. We plan to continue to use Splash Math as a supplement.

Blog Highlights:

  • I’m STILL catching up on emails! Does that ever end? lol
  • I am excited that I am now a Mommy’s Club Blogger! Mommy’s Club is all about living a healthier lifestyle by offering products that adhere to stringent, unyielding guidelines, allowing each of them to be labeled as having “Organic, All-Natural, and Toxic-Free” ingredients. I received a bottle of the Perfect Touch Sanitizer this week as well as the t-shirt I won! It’s so cute! I’ll have to share it some time this week!
  • I have more Blogger Opps coming up! I will send a Blogger Opps newsletter out by the end of the week most likely! If you’re not signed up to receive the Blogger Opps newsletter but would like to be – sign up here. Be sure to select “Blogger Opps” to be added to the list! Even the Blogger Opps from Deals of Sweetness will be included.

Goals This Week:

  • Make a header for Deals of Sweetness and other pages.
  • Finish up our “review time” for homeschooling and decide where we really need to start and get going this year.
  • Print out blog planners.
  • Start putting together ideas for printables.
  • Complete the dining/homeschool area, living area, and kitchen.
  • Catch up on laundry.

How was your week? What are your goals for the coming week?

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