Weekly Wrap-up: Woo hoo!

Weekly Wrap-Up

Clearly it was an exciting week. And clearly I need to change my “Weekly Wrap-Up” button and various other graphics that match my old theme and not the new one! I couldn’t possibly post a weekly wrap-up good enough to cover just the last few days. The good news is – I don’t have to! If you were following along on Facebook or Twitter you probably got a great look at our adventures for the 4th of July weekend! I will also be posting reviews of all the great places we visited! We had an amazing time and got to meet many of the other Go Houston! Travel Bloggers. We got to watch the fireworks from our room, which was definitely a plus because our little guy fell asleep before they started! He slept through a train ride, too! I guess it was all just too much fun for him!


So although I have many, many things I could write about, I’m keeping this wrap-up short and sweet because I have many other behind the scenes things I need to do such as writing up the reviews for the amazing adventures we had, other posts I need to write up, getting back into our routine tomorrow, etc. So, here we go!

Highlights in our Life

  • Our oldest son lost one of his top teeth. He lost his two bottom teeth over a year ago. I’m surprised it took so long for the next one to fall out!
  • My husband’s sleep study resulted in his being sent home with different types of masks for a CPAP machine. He has to have them come in to set up the machine itself.
  • The gerbils chewed up their plastic ladder, so my husband made a wire one for them. haha They are getting more and more social with us, and the kids adore them!
  • We took a really amazing vacation and had a great time! šŸ™‚

Homeschool Highlights

  • Our youngest is starting to get more involved again.
  • Otherwise, we had a short homeschool week due to the holiday and vacation, so there really aren’t any highlights.

Blog Highlights

  • I started the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I set some rules for myself and later changed my mind about the rules I set after staying up all night and still not getting enough posts scheduled before we left. I decided reviews most definitely count as content because they really do take a lot of time.
  • I received 4 different packages this week with products to review, and one will have a giveaway!
  • I took a really amazing vacation and had a great time and will be sharing my reviews this week! šŸ™‚

Goals This Week

  • Get everything unpacked and get back into our routine.
  • Post all of the reviews from our trip as well as the other posts I have on my editorial calendar this week and still manage to sleep.
  • Finish unmet goals from last week – Send emails to potential sponsors for the upcoming conferences, and pray about it more; make a decision on this current health issue Iā€™m having; and make a plan for the laundry issue.
  • Set updated health and fitness goals

How was your Independence Day weekend? Did you see fireworks or visit with friends and family?

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  1. I’m glad you guys had such a great time on your trip šŸ™‚

  2. I like the way you set goals for yourself. I always felt when you have something concrete to work towards, like a specific goal, you get much more accomplished. And it sure sounds like you are doing a lot! I don’t know how you do it, especially the homeschooling!!

  3. Sounds like a fab trip, your little man looks shattered!

    Bex xx

  4. LoveBeautyNGlam says

    My daughter and I went to see fireworks with my best friend and her 3 children and it was a blast. Her 18 month was just about asleep with the first firework went off and he was woken up scared out of his mind for the first half of the show! He was holding on to his Mom with a death grip, luckily we had him clapping and smiling by the end.

    RE: Your plder son’s teeth. I’m a new subscriber so I’m not sure how old he is, but my 9 year old daughter still has 1 or 2 teeth to lose too!

    • Oh a waking toddler is never any fun! haha

      Our oldest turned 7 in April. So he lost his two bottom teeth right before his 6th birthday but hadn’t lost anymore until now!

  5. MelissaSayWhat

    I like your weekly wrap up button as is! It brings contrast to your blog!

    When I saw that you were a member of Houston travel bloggers, I thought to myself, what a great idea that would be for ATL! Plus if we do it in large groups we can get discounts!!

    That’s such an adorable post of your little one! It rained here on the 4th of July so there is nothing exciting to report. I was kinda bummed and I NEED to see some fireworks!!

  6. randyfulgham says

    i like your weekly wrap-up article– my sleeping habits is a nap a day and 6 hours at night

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