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I received the Dial A Smile: Zero White Professional Home Teeth Whitening System to review. The biggest feature that drew me to this teeth whitening system is that it is eco-friendly and uses no peroxide. The biggest concern that has kept me from using a teeth whitening system is the ingredients as well as the peroxide. On top of that I have many dental concerns, which would make using most teeth whitening systems very painful. Plus, who wants to deal with that mess? Well, this teeth whitening system seems to have covered all of those bases. It offers an eco-friendly solution with botanical ingredients that are still effective without being harsh on sensitive teeth. They also offer a solution without the mess. There are no trays or strips to throw away! It definitely sounded appealing to me, so I was eager to try it!

teeth whiteningWhen it arrived I looked over the ingredients and was definitely pleased. The kit comes with a Handheld LED Light, Gel Syringe, Dispensing Tub, Applicator Brush, tooth wipes, and a shade dial so you can compare your results. I did opt not to use the tooth wipes that come with the kit because they contain ingredients that aren’t eco-friendly, but it was still possible to use the system without the tooth wipes. I just made sure my teeth were clean and dry before applying the gel. To use you simply squeeze some of the gel into the dispensing tub and apply to your teeth with the applicator brush. You hold the light up to your teeth for 20 minutes, and that’s it! When finished you just rinse everything off and brush your teeth. No mess, no big fuss!

On first application, I applied it liberally, which wasn’t a good idea. Unfortunately, my tooth sensitivity I think is beyond the “normal” definition of sensitive teeth, and it hurt quite a bit. I think I was so excited over the fact that this teeth whitener is made for sensitive teeth that I forgot I have issues beyond just sensitive teeth. The dentists (or doctors) aren’t sure what is causing said dental issues, but they are presuming it is either genetic and/or medical. Regardless, I have weak areas in my teeth – particularly near my gums where they have receded and have exposed these weak areas. I did eventually get the light up to my teeth and despite the initial sting I was able to make it through the 20 minutes. I started on the shade dial around an 8 (I drink a lot of coffee and tea) and was closer to a 5 when I was finished. In just that one application! I would say it was worth it!

I felt it wouldn’t be a fair review to base it on that first application alone, though, as I felt I didn’t really think it through. So, I waited a few days and applied it again this time paying careful attention not to apply it close to my gum line and the weak spots. This was a much better plan! I had no problems with the application this time and again noticed quite a difference when finished. My husband noticed a difference, too! One thing that was really impressive to me is that I have two crowns that are next to my front two teeth, so they are porcelain crowns that were made to be the same shade as my teeth. They have changed shades over time (I have had them since I got my braces off back in high school), and before I had totally given up on whitening products (and before I cared about ingredients) one of the biggest problems I had was the crowns wouldn’t whiten in the same manner as my teeth, and it looked so unnatural! I was really pleased that with the Whitening Lightning system that this was not the case! The crowns and my teeth started at about the same shade, and they finished at the same shade as well! Perfect!

whitening penAs an added bonus the kit also includes a Zero White Whitening Pen to help maintain and even further the whitening process. It can be used at any time, and you simply just apply it, smile for 60 sec, then brush your teeth several hours later! It’s extremely easy and convenient to use! It says each pen can be used for up to 15 applications.

Overall, I’m glad I gave the Whitening Lightning Dial A Smile: Zero White Professional Home Teeth Whitening System a second chance because I am really happy with the results, and I love that it uses natural ingredients and no peroxide!

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