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Dryer BallsAbout Woolzies:

The All Natural Dryer Ball Set. This set of six handmade pure wool dryer balls are special in several ways. They deliver the same benefits for laundry as conventional fabric softeners WITHOUT all the nasty chemicals. They save everyone a lot of money by eliminating the need to continuously spend on fabric softener liquid and sheets. They cut down on the time it takes to dry a typical load by at least 25% thereby saving everyone even more money and cutting down on fossil fuel usage. Finally, being as that they are handmade in the democratic republic of Nepal, they provide a steady source of income to the desperately needy women of that developing nation.

My review:

I actually haven’t used a fabric softener in a while due to the chemicals, so when I had the chance to try Woolzies, I was really excited! Because Woolzies contain no chemicals and are made of pure wool I can also use them with little man’s cloth diapers, which is an added bonus! Fabric softeners with cloth diapers is usually a big “no no,” so something like Woolzies is the perfect alternative! They’re also great with all of the other laundry as well! A pack contains 6 dryer balls, and you simply throw them in the dryer with your laundry. Each dryer ball is a size that fits nicely in the palm of your had. Because they are handmade, though, the look can vary even from the balls in the same pack, which I noticed. I put them to a BIG test when I first got them – drying our King Size comforter! When they say it cuts down on dry time – it does! Usually it takes just over 80 minutes (I know, isn’t that crazy?!) to dry our comforter, but with the dryer balls the dry time was cut down to just over 60 minutes! 20 minutes saved! I was so surprised! I like this because this also saves on electricity and dryer output. I often dry the cloth diapers, in particular, outside on a line to cut down on dryer use, but even here in Texas is does get cold enough (or at least gloomy enough) to not be able to line dry things. So not only do I appreciate that they work as a natural fabric softener, I appreciate that I can still cut down on dryer use!

Woolzies Review

We have used the Woolzies for more than 10 loads now, and I can definitely tell they will hold up for a long time. In fact, they are guaranteed for 1,000 loads or your money back! That is an amazing guarantee! They truly don’t make noise, either, which is something I was curious about. The kids threw them around a couple of times, and they’re pretty solid but soft! They don’t shed onto your laundry, either. In fact, I noticed our laundry actually shed on THEM. Although this isn’t mentioned at all being the intent or a feature of the product I’ve noticed a lot less loose strings and hairs in our laundry when I get it out of the dryer!

Besides just the use of the Woolzies I think it is great that they are hand made and help needy women in a developing nation. I like that they help us to live more eco-friendly, which is an ongoing journey for us. I also like that I can now soften my laundry (and the diapers) without chemicals – or release the chemicals into the air! Overall, I’m very pleased with Woolzies.

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  1. I learned that Woolzies last through 1,000 loads! They also help reduce static and wrinkles.

  2. Woolzies last through 1,000 loads!! That is awesome!!

  3. Julie Bickham says

    I like that they are handmade!

  4. I like that they won’t melt or fall apart and they last so long!

  5. natalie nichols says

    I love that they are hypoallergenic and good for people with sensitive skin.

  6. I love that they cut down on drying time and you don’t have to use dryer sheets.

  7. I like that they are all natural and chemical free. I also like that it dries laundry 25% faster!

  8. I like that there are no chemicals

  9. Robin Wilson says

    I have and use plastic dryer balls but this is the first I have heard of these. It makes perfect and better since than the ones I am using now! Thanks for bringing them to my attention!

  10. my only concern is how do they stay in a ball

  11. Sounds like a great product! Would love to get one.

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