Working on a few things

You probably already noticed my site doesn’t look the same. After my last recent incident with my site getting attacked again I have decided to go with a more secure theme. So, over the next week I may be trying out a few different themes. I think the one I have active now will be my final choice, but I have to play around with the settings and may even try a couple of different themes as well just to be sure I have the “right” one. I really love my pink polka dot background, though, and this is the only theme out of my choices that allows me to set my own background, which is why I will probably stick with it. I am definitely not finished, though, regardless, but please feel free to add any comments and thoughts along the way! 🙂 Thanks for your patience as I worked through that craziness (again) and work through these changes to make my site more secure! You are appreciated!! 🙂

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  1. I like your polka dots too! I love your blog and find myself here often. You do a GREAT job with posts, giveaways and keeping your Facebook group page updated! It’s too bad there are those lousy hackers out there that take some crazy satisfaction in messing up others’ computers. It just makes me so mad….


  3. Michelle Bowman says

    I like the polka dots, too! It’s such a shame when people hack our sites!!! It’s no fun!

  4. BLOG IS LOOKING GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!

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