Family Fun at Cedar Point and Hotel Breakers

Summer is here! Can you believe it? If you’re looking for family fun this summer it’s definitely a great time to visit Cedar Point and stay in the newly renovated Hotel Breakers! I was so excited to visit and share my fond memories and a great experience with our family! We definitely had family fun at Cedar Point and Hotel Breakers!

Family Fun at Cedar Point and Hotel Breakers

Disclosure: As a Cedar Point Blogger, I received a complimentary stay and tickets for our family. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

I grew up here in Northwest Ohio and would visit Cedar Point regularly. It was an amazing opportunity to take my family there for the first time (including my husband who is from Texas). It had been years since my last visit, and I was excited for the chance to ride my favorite roller coaster again as well as check out some of the newer ones including the newest one – Rougarou. Of course, I was just as excited to check out the updates to Hotel Breakers!

Renovated Hotel Breakers

Upon arriving we headed to our hotel. We opted to visit the park the following morning so we could take advantage of the great one-hour early entrance for hotel guests. Wow! Hotel Breakers looks fabulous! We were greeted by a beautifully decorated and colorful lobby. Carousel horses adorn the walls in beautiful art prints and there are great carousel horses decorating the lobby. As a mom, though, I most appreciated the colorful seats and kid area with kids’ shows playing. It made checking in much more pleasant as the kids were entertained!

Hotel Breakers Lobby

After checking in we headed to our room, which was equally colorful. It’s decorated with great primary colors. It really does look fresh and updated. We had a basic room with 2 Queen beds. Each bed had a generous number of pillows. It had a mini-fridge, microwave, dresser, desk, TV, a chair for lounging and more! The bathroom contained great toiletries and had lots of extra hooks in the tub which proved to be great for our bathing suits! 

Renovated Rooms at Hotel Breakers

Shortly after getting settled we decide to explore! There is a great patio area by the beach that is gorgeous! The fire pits are amazing! It was perfect because it was a little cooler outside. We visited the week before Memorial Day, so the outdoor pools were closed, but they were working hard to get them ready for the next week, and they looked great! We did walk in the beach a little and watch sand sculptors making a sculpture of the hotel!

Hotel Breakers Fire Pit

Then it was time to explore indoors! We had a lot of fun playing in the indoor pool, and my husband and I took turns using the hot tub. It was so relaxing! It was a great size and depth for the kids at 3ft! Next to the hotel is a fun little arcade! We had a blast there, and two of our kids win Pomemon plush toys from the claw machine, so they were extremely thrilled! There are a variety of restaurants and a fitness center as well!

Hotel Breakers Indoor Pool

We definitely enjoyed our stay at Hotel Breakers! It looks beautiful, has many great amenities, has comfortable beds, and the early entrance to the park is an awesome bonus!

Cedar Point

The next morning we ate breakfast at Perkins in Hotel Breakers and we’re excited for our early admission. We started in one of the kid areas and felt like we were the only ones there! It was pretty awesome! It was a great way to get the kids warmed up for the day! Having kids there was a totally different experience, but I was thrilled by all the things they could do! Even our 5 year old was able to ride a variety of rides (if he wanted to, of course)!

Rides for Kids at Cedar Point

The kids got to spend some time with Snoopy and friends and see some dinosaurs, which our 5 year old particularly loved! Of course, as a homeschooling mom, I also appreciated the Town Hall Museum, and we spent some time in there learning a few things, too! So we had fun and learned a lot! It was great! There is also a great arcade full of amazing old school games – like this giant pinball machine with a cue ball!

Cedar Point Arcade

Because I am more of roller coaster person than my husband, I opted to go on the big coasters while he stayed with the kids. He likes them, but doesn’t LOVE them like I do. Our 9 year old did go on the Blue Streak with me, which was really neat! It was one of my first roller coasters as well! Then I had to ride my favorite, the Raptor, which definitely is still my favorite! I love it! I had to check out the Rougarou as well, which I realized I had ridden years ago as the standup roller coaster the Mantis. I’m loving the updates, though! The new colors are great, and the floorless cars definitely make it a new ride! It’s fun!

We even got a glimpse of the big rides from our gorgeous room view!

Hotel Breakers Room View

Parent tip: If possible, I would recommend taking along an extra adult or even planning your trip with another family so little ones can have supervision while you and your spouse can ride the big coasters together. We tried this but were unable to have someone meet us up there that day unfortunately. I would also recommend taking a wagon. It was a bit chilly that day,  so I was carrying jackets at random times, and our youngest wanted to be held a lot. It would have been perfect to have a wagon for holding the extras as well as tired kids! Of course, don’t forget the sunblock!

Overall, we had an amazing time at Cedar Point! I think it’s great fun for the whole family! There was so much for the kids to do and learn! It is definitely a well-rounded experience for the whole family! We can’t wait to go back!

Want to see more of our adventure? Be sure to check out the Cedar Point and Hotel Breakers Photo Album on Facebook!

What’s your favorite ride at Cedar Point?

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  1. I have been going to Cedar Point with my family for years! The past two years we bought the platinum pass so we could enjoy all its perks as much as we want since we live just 45 minutes away! It is such an awesome amusement park built on a peninsula right on the lake! I can’t wait to stay at the newly renovated Hotel Breakers! It looks like they did a beautiful job! Can’t wait to go this year!

  2. Katherine Riley says

    Looks like you had a great time. I have never been to Cedar Point, but have heard it is a lot of fun.

  3. This sounds like a nice place to visit. Never been to this place. Next time I go to Ohio to visit relatives, I might swing by this place.

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