Teaching Finances in our Homeschool

Learning about finances is an important life skill for children to learn. We definitely emphasize life skills in our homeschool, and finances aren’t only an important life skill but also teach Math skills as well! There are so many different ways to help teach kids finances, but when I learned of a program that would teach kids finances in a fun, unique way that helps them prioritize finances in 4 areas – Save, Spend, Donate, Invest – I knew it would be a great addition to our homeschool!

Teach Kids Finance with Money Savvy Generation

Disclosure: I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

Teaching finances is so much more than just learning monetary value, counting, adding, subtracting, etc. All of those are definitely important skills, but it’s ideal to teach kids finances at a young age so they truly grasp the importance of being responsible with your finances. Money Savvy Generation understands the importance of personal finance education and incorporate it in their daily life. Kids are so willing to learn new things!

For our review we received the Money Savvy Kids Home Kit with the Moolah The Money Savvy Cow. I am huge cow fan, and our daughter, who has been using the program in our homeschool, loves cows as well! Plus the name is clever, right?

Teach Kids Finances with Moolah

Our daughter is 8, which is in the perfect age range of the recommended ages of 6-11, and she really is eager to learn more about finances. In fact, our other two children are as well, and are also in the age range of the recommended ages. So, I did some research and discovered if you want to use the program with additional students, you don’t have to buy the full Kit again. You can buy “Additional Student Bundles,” which includes the student consumable resources as well as their own bank.

It truly is amazing at how interested the kids are in the Money Savvy Kids Home Kit. I knew I would be ordering the additional bundles for our boys the first day I was using it with our daughter! They were all so interested in the lessons and learning more about money. The lessons have great illustrations, are fairly short, and they’re fun! The lessons come on the CD-ROM that is included with the Home Kit. Unfortunately, my laptop doesn’t have a disk drive, so I had my husband load it on his and then email it to me. This way I could also easily add it to my iPhone and iPad, so I wouldn’t have to print it all out.

Additional materials in the Home Kit include a Parent Handbook, Student Workbook, mP3 files with related songs, the bank with goal setting stickers, Coloring & Activity Book and a poster with a “When You’re Smart About Money” poem.

For each lesson (or Chapter) it’s recommended to go through the lessons while letting your child read the lesson with you (or reading to them if necessary) while introducing the questions and activity suggestions from the Parent Handbook. I found this is a great way to really reinforce what she’s learning as we go. Then I have her complete the activities in her Workbook. It notes to have them complete one or two worksheets, but I found it’s definitely feasible for her to complete both each time. Each chapter has a total of two worksheets.

Teach Kids Finances with Money Savvy Kids

This program covers a lot of information like the history of money, saving money, spending money, donating money, investing money and more. I love that it’s so interactive as well as interesting for kids. Plus, at the end of the Parent Handbook we really get into the nitty gritty of setting goals – at which point she can put her goal stickers on her Moolah bank. The Coloring & Activity book really goes into more detail about these points as well. There is even an Allowance Contract in the Parent Handbook as well in which she agrees to use all four areas of finances and keep track of things she spends money on – preferably with receipts when available.

Teach Kids Finances

I have not seen a program yet that has a goal to teach kids finances in this manner. It’s fun, engaging, and touches on four important points of finances. So often I just see save, spend and donate, but I love that Money Savvy Kids Home Kit has added invest as well. The worksheets and activities are fun for the kids, which is encouraging for them as they learn. Plus, the songs add another great fun element while reinforcing what they’re learning! The bank with the goal stickers really offers a great visual concept. It has definitely been a great addition to our homeschool!

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  1. violet taylor

    it is so super important to teach about finanes, i think its easy for kids to let it all get spent

  2. Sarah L says

    That looks like an excellent program. My folks made sure my sister and I knew all about finances when we were growing up.

  3. I would love this for my grandson. He is always counting his money and then writing down how much he has. This will be perfect for him!

  4. Michelle Elizondo says

    Its great to start kids young.

  5. That seems like a great learning tool for teaching finances. I know how hard math is for some kids. I struggled with math myself.

  6. Kelly H. says

    This financial kit looks wonderful for teaching children about budgeting their money. Thank you for sharing about it!

  7. This is such a great system. I love how it teaches kids about budgeting and builds the foundation for financial success later in life.

  8. Sue E

    I have always said when teaching children, to plant the seeds early in their lives. It will stick with them in adulthood & beyond. They will be dealing with finances all their lives. We should teach them a good head start!

  9. So important – something we didn’t learn much about growing up- would be great for my grandsons.

  10. Sandra Watts

    It looks like a fun way to learn. I like Moolah the money saving cow.

  11. Nancy Burgess

    Love the bank great way to teach about saving.

  12. Gabrielly says

    It is so important to teach about finances and it looks like a fun way to learn.

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